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Monroe in a hot scene froM Wow Girls called Sweet and Petite! This hot duchess paraded into our lives wearing really high heels and a bra that pushed out her boobs way in front. It gave us the feeling that they were being offered to us, like snacks on a platter, so we wasted no time at all freeing them from their trap so they could pop out. We loved playing with those titties which were like handfuls of blobs of Jello. We had no idea whether or not they were real but we loved sucking on the giant nipples. She also had an awesome bum that was just at the right horny tilt for fucking;. We fucked that ass but good and then we pushed her down on the bed and fucked her face to face. We also had a good boob fuck. After a ride on our stiff pole she knelt down and blew us until our cock exploded.